Gear List for the Best Snowmobile Ride

Gear List for the Best Snowmobile Ride

Gear List for the Best Snowmobile Ride

Whether you're a novice to the trails or ready to shred, you need quality snowmobile gear to keep you safe and warm. Learn the basics of what to wear, plus a few extras to optimize your winter experience. 


Snowmobile gear should start with plenty of layers for long days on the trail. Your base layer should include polyester, wool, or synthetic material that will wick moisture away from your skin to maintain an optimal body temperature. A middle layer is ideal for retaining the heat, like a fleece or an insulating layer. A balaclava also helps cover your entire head (except for your eyes and mouth) for added warmth and protection. 

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Once your base and middle layers are complete, it's time to suit up in your outerwear. A snowmobile suit can keep you warm and the snow from seeping into your layers. If you're not into wearing a full snowmobile suit, a zippable jacket and snowmobile pants are also ideal for keeping out the cold and moisture.

Snowmobile Boots

Snowmobile boots or durable winter boots that are warm, comfortable, and dry are a necessary piece of your snowmobile gear strategy. Although some people choose regular boots, they may cause you to lose your footing on your snowmobile, especially if they're too tight without any room for movement and flexibility. Whatever option you choose, make sure your boots are at least rubber and waterproof and include appropriate traction. 

Winter Socks

Stay away from basic cotton socks and opt for winter socks or those specially designed for snowmobiling. Your socks should keep your skin dry and trap warm air. A reinforced heel is also a good choice so you can keep attacking the trails and enjoying the fresh powder.


Don't get on your sled without snowmobile gear that protects your hands and keeps them warm. Choose a pair of gloves that are water resistant with impact protection, including extra insulation. If your snowmobiling gloves are breathable, you'll be able to use them in various temperatures, whether it's the peak of winter on white gold or you're on one of the last runs of the season. 

Snowmobile Goggles

Snowmobile goggles are more than just a nice-to-have or trendy accessory; they also provide eye protection against wind, snow, and ice. If you end up with a closed-face helmet, you may not need them, but they're still a good idea for added warmth in case of an emergency. 

Snowmobile Helmet

Your snowmobile gear should always include a quality helmet to stay safe and offer protection during falls, tree limbs, and unexpected collisions with others on the trail or wildlife. Studies show that the most severe injuries are usually a result of speed and lack of proper helmet use. They can also help insulate your ears from the noise during a bumpy ride. Beyond physical protection, helmets also help your body retain more heat to stay warm.

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Remember, snowmobile gear needs to be updated periodically for optimal use and safety. Helmets typically need to be replaced every five years or after a collision or any noticeable damage. Make sure all of your layers are also in good shape and ready to keep you insulated and warm for hours on the trails. Browse our entire selection of snowmobiling gear to keep you warm and ready for action all season long.