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8 Tips on Maintaining Your Snowmobile all Season

8 Tips on Maintaining Your Snowmobile all Season

Snowmobiles have been around since the 1920s when Carl Eliason mounted a two-cylinder motorcycle on a sled and steered skis underneath. The snowmobile has come a long way since its earliest inception and today runs like a sophisticated machine, provided you give it the proper care and maintenance. Save yourself time and money with a year-round schedule that keeps your sled running at its peak performance. 

1) Align Your Skis

Cars need their wheels aligned periodically, and so do snowmobile skis. You'll improve your ride and safety when your skis and tracks are correctly aligned and there is a correct distance between the tips. Alignment also goes a long way to increase the longevity of your skis and keep your snowmobile from experiencing unnecessary damage while shredding all winter long.

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2) Adjust the Tracks

Tracks that aren't aligned and adjusted correctly can drag down your fuel economy and cause excess wear on your components. Look for damage and any missing parts or bent track clips. Your runners should also be straight and have carbide on them to allow the skis to turn better on the trails.

3) Change Oil and Fluid

Changing the oil and using the manufacturer's recommended brand is the best bet for the integrity of your snowmobile. Never reach for motorcycle oil or any option that isn't designed to withstand long, snowy winters. Brake fluid should also be changed if it starts to show signs of dark color or is a few years old. 

4) Check Suspension

Checking the suspension helps you ensure your wheels are spinning correctly without fissures or spiraling damage. If you hear odd notices or they're turning slowly, you could have loose hardware or may have a more significant issue that requires an experienced sled mechanic. 

5) Start Your Engine Early

Slow down and let your engine warm up before heading out for a day in the snow. Some engine parts warm up faster than others, like aluminum, and need some time to expand. You'll save yourself time and money in the long run when you do everything possible to protect your sled's electrical components and integrity.

6) Don't Forget the Electrical

Your electrical components are crucial for enjoying your snowmobile, especially for an evening ride. Check your high and low headlights, brake lights, and gauge lights. Batteries should always be charged and ready to go and any other electrical component checked over.

7) Haul it Correctly

Don't expose your snowmobile to excessive wear and tear due to poor hauling techniques. Protect your snowmobile whenever you're hauling it in an enclosed trailer. If that isn't an option, use a durable cover that wraps up your sled for optimal protection and keeps your engine safe. 

8) Protect Your Sled in the Off-Season

Shredding along a mountainside isn't the only way you can damage your sled. Your snowmobile deserves protection during the off-season by greasing your zerks appropriately, adding fuel stabilizer, and storing it indoors in a dry location whenever possible.

With the proper care and approach, you can maximize your snowmobile for the best shreds all winter long. Look your best and stay warm with our selection of sled merchandise. Browse our selection today.