About us

In November 2020, Sledfreak an already established company was purchased by brothers, Tommy and Jim Parolisi. Born and raised in New England, the passion for snowmobiling was discovered by both brothers in their early teen years and has grown significantly over the past 2 decades. The love of the sport is shared amongst both brothers yet in their own individual ways.

Owner Jim Parolisi is passionate about riding in the snow and getting out on the trails here on the East Coast. He enjoys riding with family and friends and supporting local businesses related to riding and of which bring the Snowmobile community together. His willingness to help people always goes above and beyond, whether it be lending a helping hand or providing knowledge and information, Jim is the man no matter what and when you need it. Jim is a loving husband, brother and is also the top-ranking Service Advisor at his primary place of Employment which has over 60 locations nationwide. He has been awarded a top employee to a company who has generated over 2 billion in sales every year and continues to service thousands of people and grow to continued success..

Our mission

At Sledfreak, we strive to bring value to our customers whether it be on snow or water, riding in the backcountry or trails. We are here to create a quality line of apparel that reflects our passion for Snowmobiling and one that you can enjoy. Sledfreak takes pride in our variety of products for Men, Women and Youths who share the interest in this action sport and who want to express themselves in their own way through our brand.

Owner Tommy Parolisi has a passion for riding in the snow in the ultimate backcountry and technical terrain out West during the winter months and also riding on the water (yes water!) on both the East and West Coast during the spring, summer and fall months. He is a competitive rider all year round and is the true definition of a SledFreak 24/7/365! His drive and dedication to this sport has lead him to travel across country and mountain ride alongside with the worlds best snowmobilers, testing his skills and improving his abilities. After spending the last 7 years investing and devoting his time and efforts into the sport of Watercross racing, he is now a leading PRO rider in New England and New York. In July 2020 he won the World Championship East vs. West Challenge in Brainerd MN which marks his biggest accomplishment in his racing career. Tom is a dedicated husband, father and self employed business owner who is always striving to be the best he can be in his personal and professional life.

Tommy and Jimmy purchased Sledfreak wanting to take it to the next level and expand its growth and deliver content to everyone who wants to follow their journey.